To see Cós – Recovered history


​An isolated small village near Alcobaça surrounds a monastery for long in ruins.

It was the place for women, while the men concentrated in the biggest and most famous monastery of Alcobaça.

Everything disappeared except the church, and after a recuperation work, it is now opened to the public, and it will put Cós in the map.

I’m sure.


The Monastery, of course

A convent from the 12th century was almost totally destroyed, only the church being saved.

After a long period of recuperation, it is now open to the public, with beautiful details from the 17th and 18th century.

​Only 5 to 10 minutes away from Alcobaça it’s an easy visit (with Atlantis nearby, to see glassblowers at work).

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Nun’s area
Cós – tiles detail


For many years neglected, this monastery is very beautiful.

The church and sacristy are completely covered with tiles from the XVI and XVII centuries, in a surprisingly good condition.

​The monastery was recently restored and it is a nice and quick visit.

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