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Ciudad Rodrigo – 2 good visits


Near the border

Passing several times in Ciudad Rodrigo, one day, I decided to stop there.

By coincidence, it was the final of one stage of Portugal cycling tour, and that curiosity allowed a quick look at the center of the city.

Interesting, but not remarkable, we kept skipping it, until… one day…

We went there again, and enjoyed it. this is what we saw.



This stunning cathedral dates back to the 12th century and boasts a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque architectural styles.


Ciudad Rodrigo
Img 20190824 161726

The Castle of Henry II of Trastamara was built in the 14th century and offers great views of the city and surrounding countryside.

City Hall

Img 20190824 162356
Img 20190824 162356

The City Hall was originally built in the 16th century and underwent several renovations over the years. It has a nice façade and the interior seems to be also beautiful, with frescoes and a grand staircase.

Plaza Mayor

Img 20190824 162259
Img 20190824 162259

This central square, full of personality, is surrounded by beautiful architecture and is the most lively place in town.

City Walls and Gates

Img 20190824 163903
Img 20190824 163903

The walls surrounding the historic center of Ciudad Rodrigo and stretching for over 2 kilometers date from the 12th century.

There are several gates located along the walls, that are very well preserved..

Glorieta Park

Img 20190824 164535
Img 20190824 164535

The park covers an area of over 5 hectares with a variety of trees, flowers, and plants, as well as walking paths, benches, and fountains.

The highlights are a bandstand and a monument commemorating the battle of the Peninsular War in 1812.

Positive impression Pizzeria Demaria

Cr 3
Cr 3

A very discreet restaurant, provided us the best and cheapest meal in this trip to Spain. The Italian food was excellent (with spaghetti carbonara on top) but also the dishes of the local cuisine were well done and served.

The service took some time to start, but the only two waiters could manage with efficiency and gentleness.

A good unexpected stop, because our plans were to eat in the Portuguese border.

Site: Pizzeria

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