Chiqueda – water springs


To see Chiqueda – A new look

I went to Chiqueda many times, always thinking that the natural beauty of the site, the spring of Alcoa river, deserved a better treatment to please visitors.

This time we went there to dance, and I noticed that finally something is being done, and though under bad weather, the look is getting better.

​Ok, they just have to continue.

Leiria District


In the old days, several mills used the strong and constant flow of the spring to work regularly. 

Times changed, the mills were abandoned, but recently a couple of them were recovered, and at least one of them is already open to visit. 

A nice view over the past.

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Parque dos Monges own photo

To do Parque dos monges

Now one of the biggest attractions around Alcobaça is located in Chiqueda. It is a large park where children and adult may choose many activities, linked to nature and history. It is a good complement to the mandatory visit of Alcobaça monastery, mainly if you travel in family or group.

Address: Rua Quinta das Freiras, nº 10, Chiqueda

Directions: GPS Coordinates N 39º 32.476; W 008º 57.323

Phone: +351 262 581 306

Website: Parque dos Monges

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