Chichen-Itzà in 3 memorable hours

To see Wandering in Chichen-Itzà park

Chichen-Itzà park
Chichen-Itzà park

The most preserved (or reconstructed pyramid is the top attraction of a wide park of Maya ruins, that has been considered one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Chichen-Itzà is a wonder, but… in the top 7?
Well, I was coming from Uxmal, and I was not so strongly impressed. But I surely recommend it. Even if it deserves only to be the 8th of the 7 wonders.

Kukulkan Pyramid

Chichen-Itz? park

​Known locally as “lo Castillho”, Spanish word for castle, this high and steep pyramid was a temple dedicated to Kukulcan.

Carefully restored it must be the most known Maya monument, dominating a large yard with several other interesting buildings.

Built after the 11th century, it was used to sacrifices and you will not escape from listening histories and legends about it and its serpents.

Advise in Kukulkan – Think about the descent

Advise in Kukulkan
Advise in Kukulkan pyramid

It’s a temptation, climbing to the pyramid of Kukulkan! 

However, you may be warned that, once in the top, everything changes: the steps are narrow and steep. 

Once up there, you turn back, and before a deep breath with the clouds giving the sensation that you are in a bouncing platform, it will seem that the steps… were gone, replaced by a long and extremely steep ramp. 

The risk is not big, and a current in the middle of the stairs help the most frightened and sensible to vertigo. But… you’d better be warned!

Note: This warning may be useful in other Mayan pyramids, as we verified in Uxmal.