Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai in 2 rich days


To see ​Visiting Chiang Mai – Two rich days

Located in the north, by the mountains, Chiang Mai is a good starting point to explore the northern area.

​We went from there to Chiang Rai and back, and, while in location, we visited its most interesting points, included a long circuit through practically all the handicraft activities. It was our first approach to the diversity of Thai food, and got a perception of the social problem connected to the integration of the hill tribes. Very interesting, and… its seen.

​Doi Suthep – Great views

Visiting Chiang Mai - Doi Suthep
Visiting Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep

Our first contact with Thai temples was Doi Suthep. It was an excellent way to start. The location, the sights, and the temple itself make the visit highly recommendable.

​The cars can´t go right to the summit where the temple is, so, the best way, is to take the small railway up, and to descend by the decorated staircase.

Phone: +66 53 295 003

Website: Doi Suthep

​Mountain tribes

Chiang Mai
Visiting Chiang Mai – Mountain tribes

It was easy to see the effort being made by Thai authorities to open the touristic resources to tribal people from inland.

We saw the mixture between authentic tribal life, and serial production of touristy bauble. Being a peaceful country, I expected a stronger activity close to the borders of the countries after a long war.

​That absence shows how closed those countries were. But it was a good excursion, the one that took us to Chiang Rai and back, visiting the tribes.

​Elephant Performance

Chiang Mai
Visiting Chiang Mai – Elephants

It’s show business… but it’s good. The performance at the training center (I don’t know if it exists more than one) shows hard work and professionalism with the elephants.

​The show pleases adults and children.

The final ride, though short and following a very beaten path, demonstrates well how securely the elephants deal with mud, even in steep slopes and narrow paths, and uses well the river to compose the landscape of the jungle.

​Elephant Walk

Chiang Mai
Visiting Chiang Mai – Elephants
Chiang Mai
Visiting Chiang Mai – Elephants

Some people limit themselves just to watch the performance of the trained elephants. I think it’s wrong.

​This ride was different of all the other that I made with animals, due to a well chosen trail, allowing us to understand how does the animal deal with slopes, mud, and all the obstacles that start worrying us about safety, and finally make us trust and admire the elephant and his permanent stability.


Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai

One of Chiang Mai highlights in tourist brochures are the waterfalls.


I must confess that they are photogenic but very common (unless we were in the wrong season).

​It’s nice to walk in the wild, amidst bamboo and exotic plants, but, if your time is tight, you may skip them without sorrow.

​Butterfly farms

Quality Inn

It’s a strange but beautiful production – butterflies.

As a matter of fact the “factory” is a tropical garden, recreating the natural condition for butterflies create and grow.

​Wonderful flowers, and the vivid colors of thousands of selected butterflies, are a very interesting sight.

Top restaurant Kanthoke dinner – A good experience

Kanthoke 1
Kanthoke 1
Kanthoke 2
Animated dinner

It’s an experience that anyone must live.

The food is good, as almost everywhere in Thailand, but distributed in small dishes, allowing you to taste everything.

The greatest point, however, is the show, with the delicate Thai dances performed close to you, as you are eating.

If you saw my Czech page, you know that I’m a folk dance lover!

I recommend ​​Suriwong Se hotel – Fulfilling all needs

Chiang mai 1
Suriwong Se
Suriwong Se hotel
Suriwong Se hotel

A good hotel in Chiang Mai that we didn’t “live” too much, because we were out all day long, and so tired at the end that bed was all that matters. However, we noticed that breakfast was good, and service was nice.
​The area is calm, with lots or commercial places around, allowing a pleasant small walk around, to start digestion, before carrying your bones to bed.

Address: 110 Changklan Road, , Chiang Mai, North

Price Comparison: about average

Phone: +66 53 270 051

Religious? Tito?

Prayers in Chiang Mai

Tito his always a friendly and emotive guy, but what took him to, unexpectedly, join the prayers of a religion he really didn’t know nothing about?

Strictly speaking, she had no background in any religion, and that impulse to enter the temple and spontaneously join the people in prayer surprised us all, especially when we realized that it was not a joke.
Maybe that’s why the monk who led the ceremony graced him with blessings that we don’t understand but respect.

He was blessed when he left Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai
Traditional crafts
Shopping in Chiang Mai - Crafts
Shopping – Crafts

In all packed tours we have to visit a few factories clearly prepared for tourist and guide commissions.

In Chiang Mai it looked a little bit different – as we were a small group, we were taken from a small workshop to another covering all the popular activities, without the pressure to buy, and with the opportunity to a close and nice contact with the workers.

​It was the best crafts tour I made in a package tour.

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