Beach in Cesme

Cesme – 7 calm days


​​Beach in Cesme

Yes, there’s a fortress, yes the town is pleasant but if you are in the area you see it in the first day, if you are not there, well, there are lots of other interesting places to see.

Not much to see in Cesme, that is only a place to wander in the free hours left by the beach.

​Dalyan is a good place to eat fish, but… control the price.

The beach

Beach in Cesme

The beach was really good (if we discount the permanent wind).

Safe surf, mild water, all the needed support, it is a good summer destination – if you forget the wind.

The hotel was comfortable, in the first line of the beach, but for those who like to walk around, as us, a little far from town.

Positive impression Boyalic – Good Quality/Price Ratio

Boyalic hotel
Boyalic hotel

Located about 2 kms outside town, it was a good pretext for a regular and safe walk in the cool of the evening.

The hotel had a good service, the food was tasteful, and the beach, though a little small, was reserved and very good.

​The only drawback was the permanent wind, but… this is Eolian, isn’t it?

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Cesme is located in Eolian coast, and that means… wind.

It is constant, in the beach, sometimes pleasant some other too strong.

​Though not strong enough to compromise the bath, water sports must adapt to that reality, and they are frequently suspended.

​Dalyan traps


Going to Dalyan was a small and pleasant trip from our hotel, and it is the best place to eat seafood.

Fresh, tasteful, served with sympathy, but… after all this years travelling I didn’t like that the fish was offered us without any reference to the price. There were prices in all menus, but the fish price was… a secret. And it all ended as expected, paying prices acceptable to New York or Paris.

​So, beware! Go there, because it’s good, but do your best to know the price before ordering.

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