Castel de Ferro

Castel de Ferro – Excellent views 50 years separated


To see Castel de Ferro – Always good views

Castel f1020010
General view

My first picture of this place was in… 1977, I think!

It will be funny to compare the picture one then to the actual image, after more than 40 years of touristy development.

Every year I look for good holiday opportunities in Spain, and this is a place that would please me, however, I have never found any suitable proposal. Is tourist exploitation here weaker than the normal in the coast of Andalusia?

The pleasure of photo

Castel de Ferro
Making photos

The pleasure of taking pictures has not been forgotten, and in one of the excellent locations a viewpoint has been installed that invites you to stop and let your imagination run wild.

Rijana Beach

Rijana Beach

Although the whole town is bordered by an extensive beach, the most popular one is about 2 km to the west, and is “officially” a deserted beach, always full of lovers of… deserted beaches.

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