Castanheira de pera

Castanheira de Pera – Bad fires, 3 good river beaches


To see Visiting Castanheira de Pera

Rocas Beach

Visiting Castanheira de Pera - Rocas
Visiting Castanheira de Pera – Rocas beach

Praia das Rocas is a tourist resort right in the center of Castanheira de Pera.

Centered on a large swimming pool taking advantage of the course of the river, and open to the general population, it is complemented by a hotel structure, and an indoor and outdoor entertainment program.

Site: Rocas


Castanheira de pera2
Fire in Castanheira de Pera

In 2017, the area of Castanheora de Pera was hit by a terrible fire, which killed dozens of people and destroyed most of the forest wealth in the region.

A wave of solidarity brought many visitors to this forgotten part of Portugal, crushed by the terrible images of the scourge and sensitive to the recovery efforts.

Seeing the results of this recovery today is an added pleasure, in a region that has gained a taste for being visited, and strives to please.

Poço Corga

Poço corga3
Visiting Castanheira de Pera – Poço corga

River beach

If Praia das Rocas is a careful urban initiative, right in the center of the city, there are others where insertion into the landscape is the greatest asset, and where the freshness of the bath mixes with a pleasant dip in nature.

Just over 4 kilometres away, the Poço Corga is an excellent example of this type of project.

To see Poço Corga

Po?o corga2
Poço Corga

A very popular river beach, Poço de Corga blends in perfectly with the landscape. taking advantage of all the natural features in this part of the course of the Castanheira de Pêra stream.

With well-maintained access, it has all the basic infrastructure, from showers to a picnic area and even a restaurant.

Site: Poço Corga


Po?o corga3

The beach is extensive, and includes areas carefully built to guarantee greater safety and comfort, and others left closer to the original characteristics, with a more natural image.

Naturally, also in terms of use, there are the most cared for and safe spaces, and others where rocks and pebbles pose their challenges.

Oil Press

Po?o corga1
Olive press

As a purely decorative element, an old olive oil place has been maintained and cleaned, showing some of the traditional artefacts of the industry.

When we went there it was closed, and I don’t know if it will be a permanent condition, which seems likely to me, given that the way it is glazed allows a clear view from the outside.

Ribeira de Quelhas


Ribeira de quelhas

Those who know say that one of the greatest marvels of the Serra da Lousã is the Ribeira de Quelhas. now with the visit facilitated by walkways about 1200 meters long, starting in the village of Coentral.

We had to go there, of course, but, unfortunately, they were closed, so we could only get an idea of the walkways and their impressive entrance up the mountains.

Visiting Castanheira de Pera – Quelhas

Walking along the brook

Diving is not the only way to enjoy contact with nature – a walk along paths of great beauty is an alternative that some cannot do without.

Support for tourism has been investing in the creation of simple and safe routes in the most beautiful corners of Portugal.

At around 11 km this is the case of Ribeira de Quelhas, here and there also allowing access to the freshness of the water.



Of course, we intend to go back there, on a better prepared visit, and maybe with the kids.

In this superficial visit, it seemed to me that the logistics had to be taken care of because there are not many local resources, and that is an aspect that I will pay attention to.

In the meantime, I dare to whet your appetite with an excellent photo and explanation of Vagamundos

Positive impression O Gil

Castanheira de pera gil
Castanheira de pera gil
Eating in Castanheira de Pera - Gil
Castanheira de Pera – Gil

There is not much choice of restaurants in Castanheira de Pera, but the reasonable exterior appearance convinced us.

It is a simple restaurant, with a very limited menu, focusing on traditional Portuguese dishes.

We chose a fish dish and a meat dish, and we were both satisfied.

The food was well cooked, served promptly, and the price was very acceptable.

Site: Gil

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