Boca do Inferno

Visiting Cascais - Boca do Inferno

This is one of the most sought after places in the city, due to the impressive spectacle it provides almost all year round.

The sea hits the steep slope, and the foam of the waves invades caves and nooks, projecting to great heights on days when the sea is rougher.

There are legends about this place and you may read (in Portuguese) in True Legend the one that is announced as the “real one”.


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A little away from the city centre, this beach is the largest and prettiest of the beautiful beaches on the western coast of Lisbon.

Protected area, it is nature in freedom, where, sometimes, the wind and the fury of the sea advise distances.

Rest1 Roda Pampilheira

Roda Pampilheira
Roda Pampilheira
Roda 2

A few months ago I had to have lunch in a less touristy area of Cascais, in a hurry to look for the nearest restaurant, without thinking about choosing.

This was the closest, and I had the pleasant surprise of eating a dish that I enjoy but is hard to find nowadays – folded with beans.

It was very good, and the price was as popular as the dish.

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