Casablanca f

Casablanca – just 2 shared days


Visiting Casablanca

Casablanca, the biggest town in Morocco was also the least interesting of all, at last until the building of Hassan II Mosque. That building is now a must see. Opened in 1993, it misses the weight of history, but shows how powerful leaders still can carry their country richness for self-promoting monuments.

Interesting the visit to Prefecture Mechouar.

Casablanca 8
Casablanca - just 2 shared days

​​Modern City

Casablanca 7
Casablanca - just 2 shared days

Casablanca is a large and modern city, where, once, someone made a film that, for reasons that I couldn’t really understand in the 97 times that I saw it, became very famous. 

If you are thinking in the film scenery, you may find a reconstructed bar, an area they say that it was in the movie, and… that’s it. If you want to meet Morocco, then the best you have is the airport and railway station. 

But if you appreciate big and busy cities, then that’s your place. And here and there, the real Morocco comes to surface.​

Huge and closed to westerns – Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca 6
Casablanca - just 2 shared days

The new mosque of Hassan II it’s a marvel of architecture, looking big and being bigger than it looks, favored by its location entering the sea. 

I didn’t visit the interior, which, for non Muslims, is only accessible in organized visits that we couldn’t access. But it’s always possible to walk in the esplanade, seeing the doors and arches in detail.

Prefecture Mechouar

Casablanca by solopes
Casablanca by Solopes

Casablanca is not a touristy city, nor the best place to see Moroccan art and architecture, but, if you’re there, then one of the best visits should be Prefecture Mechouar, fortified palace with the traditional look of Moroccan architecture.

Don’t be impressed by the military appearance. The building must be still in official use but tourists are welcome.

​La Corniche

Casablanca 3
Casablanca - just 2 shared days

The coastal area south of Casablanca, is a resort zone named Corniche.

Too rocky to my taste, we got there a bad weather and a rough sea. That left us a negative impression, in contrast with the heavy construction of playful facilities in the coast, suggesting a quality that… we didn’t notice.

Maybe in a second visit…

Positive impression Suisse Hotel – By the Corniche

Casablanca 5
Casablanca - just 2 shared days

A quiet and reasonable hotel, near the sea but not in a beach, in the area called the Corniche of Casablanca. If you’re travelling by car, as I did, that’s a good solution for a clean and safe stay, at a good price. 

The staff was gentle, and the ser vice was good.

Address: Boulevard de la Corniche, Ain Diab

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Price: US$40-80

Don’t forget your shoes


Morocco it’s a Muslim country. 

In doubt, take your shoes off, but don’t forget them. And that applies not only in religious places, becoming a repetitive exercise. Here, were we at Casablanca City Hall or… in Meknès?

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