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Carvalhal Benfeito


To see Once in Carvalhal Benfeito

From Bem feito to Benfeito

The legend says that D. Gastão, a noble in the middle age, was punished being sent to a oak forest (carvalhal). It should be fair, because the people said “bem feito” (well done), and thus, with the grammatical evolution, the area got the name of Carvalhal Benfeito.

​Nowadays, it is a small village with less than 2000 dwellers, cultivating hospitality and traditional gastronomy, with a small rural hotel that I never visited (Quinta Japonesa) but without any known restaurant, which means that, to know it, you must follow the best way – make friends.


Carvalhal Benfeito

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Only two things could, eventually, make me go to the sympathetic village of Carvalhal Benfeito – dancing or a friend’s marriage.

Well, when the wedding of a dancing friend happened there, merging both reasons made inevitable the visit.

​However, the party happened far away, so I only had chance to see the church and the surrounding area: simple as expected.

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