To see Visiting Cartaya

My visit to Cartaya was to party in New Year’s eve. I must confess that I almost skipped town, because the hotel was in El Rompido, and the following day was used in Seville. A nightly stop, and it was all.

We visited El Rompido because… we were there – we attended New Year’s eve party in the hotel, and being in the area we had a look at the place, before the planed visit to Seville.

Only a general idea, but… does it deserve more?


Just passing by

The most remarkable monument in the city is Zuniga family’s castle, built in the 15th century and restored about 20 years ago.

​ We saw it at night, and didn’t enter.

Website: Castillo de los Zuniga

​El Rompido beach

Just passing by

We’ve been there in winter, so, the city and El Rompido were both quick visits under a sunny but cold weather.

The brief sensations are in El Rompido page

Personal memories Don’t trust GPS

Our visit to Cartaya started with great fun: My friend José Manuel was navigating, using his GPS that mentioned our Hotel. Leaving Cartaya to El Rompido, the instructions seemed to be accurate until one roundabout where Fernanda saw a signal indicating the hotel to the right, while the GPS ordered us to go straight ahead.”We cannot discuss with GPS” and we went ahead.


A few hundred meters later the GPS relaxed: “You arrived at your destination”.

It was already night, but also easy to understand that we were in an alley working as access to a private garage.​After the big laughs we followed the right way, and arrived easily to the hotel. The following day we were near the alley, and, of course, I had to make a picture of it.

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