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To see Cartaxo

I went to Cartaxo a couple of times, I passed there many more, but kept no memories nor pictures to write a page.

So, I’m not going to write much about this place.


 Dancing is a universe, and, after a first visit to the “unknown” Vale da Pedra, this time it was… Cartaxo.

​A short visit in a rainy day, but… one more glimpse and a couple of pictures.


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If you mention Cartaxo to a Portuguese, he will reply… wine.

If you enter the city from the south, they will remind you that it is linked to… wine.

​I think that Cartaxo lost position among the Portuguese greatest producers, and that wine is not so important to locals now, however… tradition is… tradition, isn’t it?

Vale da Pedra


Dancing, took me to Vale da Pedra.

It’s a common village with simple houses surrounding a church, as usual. I heard that it has a visit-able chapel and a recommended farm that I couldn’t visit (the program was too tight), but I didn’t feel there the characteristics of Ribatejo.

​However, I must mention the good hospitality that allowed a nice afternoon.


Vale da Pedra Church

What else may I say about Vale da Pedra?

It’s a common village, with simple houses surrounding a church, as usual.

Is it a recovered old church, or just a modest new one?

Entering was the answer, but it was closed.

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