Caramulo – 30 minutes for a good dinner


Museu do Caramulo

Caramulo 805
Caramulo 805

We arrived very late, with the famous museum already closed (no problem, cars were not a topic that motivated us very much).
Dinner was needed, but the previously chosen restaurant had no vacancies, and it was not easy to find an alternative. There was a party, and a pavilion with food was the solution. A reasonable dinner in pleasant ambiance.

Unexpected solution

Caramulo 334
In the “restaurant”

I had in my program dinner at the Montanha restaurant, of which I had good references. It was closed, and we ended up in a pavilion where a gastronomic fair was taking place. Although in a fair environment, dinner was acceptable, but I din’t know the name of the restaurant that served us.

Well, sometimes photos may help, as it happened this time, and, with a closer look, I could read: Restaurante “O País”, belonging to the local hotel.

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