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Capri – 1 full and rich day


The trip to the Island

Capri is only tourism, but with such a landscape, how could they do anything else than receiving and serving the thousands of people that each day invade the island?

The landscape justifies the visit, and a single day seems to be enough to catch the essential of its beauty.

That’s what we did, without regret.

Going up from the harbor


We went up by bus.

That gave us the opportunity to see how things were managed to allow the small buses to go uphill from the harbor to town.

Here and there, in some turns, the rock was cut exactly the centimeters needed for the maneuver.  Each time we turned, the sights were widening more and more, revealing all the beauties of the island.

However, we had to go to the sightseeing terraces for the full show.

​Mount Solaro


Mount Solaro is the highest point of the island, and, obviously, the widest sightseeing point.

​The transport up and down by the funicular is interesting, however, unfortunately, we are always facing some of the most discreet areas of the island, but the summit compensates us.

Phone: 0818371438

Website: Capri



There are several caves in the island, but Grotto Esmeralda is the top attraction promoted in the harbor, everybody “forgetting” to tell you that you can only enter with good sea and low tide.

So you may pay your trip, start the ride, stop at the entrance and discover that, unfortunately, you arrived exactly when it will be impossible to enter.

It happened to us but, I don’t remember how, I knew before leaving that it would happen.​

Anyway, we wanted to do the circuit, and had no more opportunities, so… we accepted it, but you’d better be prepared…
​Website: Blue Grotto



With a generally sunny weather, and the steep coast, the island is a paradise for landscape photo.

​The best spots are signed, and you just have to follow the lines and wait your turn, but you must have skills to avoid unwanted heads in your photos, or to find the exclusive angles.

​Boat circuit

Good to know
Good to know

It only takes one hour or a little bit more to circle the island.

In the way, you visit the caves, the special rock formations, and all the beauties at sea level.

​Don’t miss, it’s easy to deal locally in the harbour and not expensive, but, if the caves are your goal do check the tide before leaving, or you may have a bad surprise.


Good to know

While you wait for the boat inland, there will be people around you trying to sell you a boat circuit in the island.

You better skip it.

​Upon arrival, real boatmen will approach, offering their boats, cheaper than the previously booked trips, and, more than that, allowing you to know the exact program of the trip. Inland they always sell the blue cave, but later on, in the island, you will be informed that the entrance is only possible in perfect conditions of surf and tide, and if you paid for it… you need luck to enter.

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