Cappadocia – 2 great days in this Fabulous Region


Astonishing Cappadocia

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If you need a reason to visit Turkey, one word is enough – Cappadocia.

Of course, you will see many other (also very interesting) places, but this area is… unique.

A couple of days is enough, but Goreme, Uchisar, Zelve and Nevsehir are words that I will never forget, and strongly recommend.

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What was the strongest impression? The power of nature, creating those absolutely unique formations, or the struggle of man to adapt himself to the characteristics of the country and use them to his profits?

​How can we save Goreme? Do not hesitate. Cappadocia for itself justifies your trip to Turkey. Nevsehir worths your trip that must include several small towns belonging to Nevsehir province, such as Uchisar or Zelve.

Camel Rock

Camel Rock

No doubt, this rock is in Nevsehir Ili, but I don’t remember the exact location.

​However, if you follow the usual itineraries, you will surely pass close to it. It is a curiosity impossible to be missed, considering its shape, size, and location by a main road.



Goreme is the most attractive place in Nevsehir province, maybe in Cappadocia.

The churches and tunnels are not to be missed for any reason.


Some websites promote a balloon ride over Goreme. Well, a balloon ride in Cappadocia is certainly interesting, but Goreme can only be properly appreciated by walking along the paths, the labyrinths, the ruins, the world that reveals itself as it disappears.

Fading churches


One of the attractions of Cappadocia (maybe the best!), are the old christian churches, built in the soft lava that covered all the region.

Now, as the erosion is advancing, the churches come to daylight, announcing their inevitable disappearing. It hurts, seeing such historical places facing that destiny, but… there is, really, no solution at all to save them?

Underground Cities

Image22a 2

It’s remarkable the immensity and complexity of the several caves built by Christians to get protection from their enemies.

The airing solutions, the defensive devices, the maze like planning, all justifies the admiration of those who visit the caves.

​Even Horacio, with his almost 2 meters high, enjoyed the experience.



The city of Uchisar is the place of Capadoccia where life seems more intense, in perfect harmony with the natural formations, and taking good profit of them, enhancing their preservation for tourist admiration.

​Perched on a steep rock formation, this town provides some of the most dramatic panoramas of the astonishing Cappadocia.

Wandering in town, watching the harmony between nature and human construction, even recent one, it is a pleasure, even at night, or, maybe, specially at night.



​​Do you believe that it is easy to remember where you’ve been, in that astonishing puzzle of natural marvels, here receiving the name of Uchisar, there Zelve or Nevsehir, always with the same “impossible” landscape?

Go see for yourself… you must!

​The erosion has long taken most of the soft lava, leaving behind high formations, sometimes isolated, and used by men in all its highness.

It’s a strange sensation, in Zelve, climbing in a carved house to visit its three and even four floors.

Marvel Yourself


The natural formations of Cappadocia are one of the most surprising and odd accidents of nature, in all the world.

​Zelve is just one of the few small towns where you can admire the ingenious use by men of the natural opportunities.

​Rugs day

F1010022 2

No matter where you go in the Muslim world, you will have your “rugs day”.
In Turkey, we had it in Cappadocia, and it was our best “rugs day” in the world.
In that ambiance the production was natural, and sellers were not so pushy as elsewhere.
​A calm and civilized contact with a popular activity that remains important in that society.



The landscape in Cappadocia is astonishing.

Goreme is the most remarkable site, but what hits us more is the sensation of incapacity face to nature – the Turks know that they have a gem there, they try to preserve it, but erosion seems unbeatable, destroying inch by inch what men created.

That enhances the sensation felt in place – we are watching a marvel from the past, with… no future!

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