Caparica – 15 km of good beaches


Visiting Caparica

For more than 50 years, Caparica was, for me, no more than an ugly village by the longest beach around Lisbon.

​This year I found Capuchos, and noticed that there’s something more than the “Costa” in Caparica. It’s never too late to learn.

​Capuchos convent

Visiting Caparica
A door of the convent

In the cliffs overlooking the beach, with great sights, there’s a convent dating from the 16th century, now used by the municipality to cultural and social events.

Restored in 1952, it received a carved altarpiece and new tiles representing St. Anthony’s sermons.

​It is surrounded by a small but nice and refreshing garden.

Fonte da Telha


Despite the distance and traffic jams on the bridge, this is one of Lisbon’s favorite beaches. A long, thin sandy beach, clear water (albeit cold) and a generally safe sea, even with some swell are the main attractions.

I recommend Oh Carlos – Good

Oh Carlos
Oh Carlos

Great lunch

I rarely go to this beach – It’s the best beach for people living in Lisbon, which means traffic jams in all the good days, and not many attractions in the other.

Being so, I don’t remember eating there in the last 300 years or so, but I knew, through my friends in Lisbon, that, knowing where to search, it’s possible to have there very good experiences.

​That happened to me, when visiting my grandson, in the beach with the other part of his family, I was taken inland, to the unknown Charneca da Caparica and to this restaurant.


It was full, and, that, about 10 km from the beach, was already a good sign. After a little time waiting we sat for a remarkable lunch.

It will be difficult to me to try a second restaurant in this village in the next 300 years.

PS – “The other part of the family” didn’t allow me to see the bill, but I got the idea that it was very reasonable too.

Address: R. Pedro Costa, 1247 Charneca da Caparica

Phone: +351 212 961 128

Website: Oh Carlos

Useful64 Exhibitions in Capuchos convent


It is not an outstanding destination, nor a must see, but, if you need a break in a sunny day on the beach, why not a small detour to this convent?

We were there with rain, and wished to go back under a bright sun, when the sights will be different, of course, and, inside, with any kind of weather, maybe you’ll find an interesting exhibition, as we did.

​Well, we were invited to the opening…

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