Cangas de Onis

Cangas de Onis


Cangas de Onis center

Img 20190430 133608
Img 20190430 133608

Roman bridge


Rest2 Restaurant El Palco

Img 20190430 135037
Img 20190430 135037

Tasting cider

Cider is the most typical product in the area, and we had to taste it. The general opinion was a smile about the funny technique to serve, but a doubt about is good taste.

That was the only reserve – the food was tasty, well presented and served. A small confusion replaced the salad that I ordered by another one, with small squids, absolutely delicious.

Rest2 Enol restaurant

Img 20190429 222030
Img 20190429 222030

Strong but good

The planned restaurant was closed, so we had to choose locally. This restaurant, facing the church, was a good solution.

We tasted a variety of beans that we didn’t know- “verdines” well cooked with seafood.

It was good, but, dinning late as the Spanish use to do, and going to bed right immediately, meant a small difficulty in digestion. Not serious…

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