Visiting Canada

Canada – just 1 good visit

To see Visiting Canada A tasty aperitif


I’ve been in Canada just once, as the final part of a circuit that took me from New York to Washington, Harrisburg, CorningNiagara Falls, and finally Canada.

My short visit allowed me to see TorontoQuebecMontreal and, in the rural area, a maple syrup producer farm and a winter resort in a beautiful mosquito lake.


Visiting Canada

​Montreal left me the sensation that it could be the north American place where I could easily live.

Used to the small centralized cities in Portugal, with life converging to some clearly identified areas, the wide and open streets in America give me a sensation of distance and emptiness. I can’t find a soul. in many American cities, though I know that it is there.

I didn’t have that sensation in Montreal, and, despite the brief visit, I think that I could “live” that town.

​Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

I think that Niagara Falls are the main highlight attracting people to Canada, and we were no exception.

I’ve been there twice, always impressed by the strength of nature, and the hard commercial use of it.


Murycana Farm

I really enjoyed all the days spent in Canada, from the well planned and organized Montreal to the rustic life of Magueline’s ranch, but if I had to choose my favorite town, it would be… Quebec. Lots of history and personality, lively streets, harmonic views, Quebec still reminds us of its French origin and cultural references.