Campo Maior

Campo Maior


Visiting Campo Maior – Festivities

The city

Campo maior 5
The city

The garden

Campo Maior 2
Central garden

The fortress

Campo Maior 3

Saint Sebastian chapel

Campo Maior 4
Saint Sebastian

Traditional architecture

Campo Maior 5

The castle

Campo Maior 6

Saint Anthony

Campo Maior 7
Saint Anthony

Festas do Povo

Far from anywhere in Portugal, Campo Maior, almost Spanish, is widely known because of the “Festas do Povo” (people’s festivities) that take place each four years.

They’re an explosion of color, each street rivaling with its neighbors to get the prize for the most beautiful. Millions of Portuguese and Spanish (and other) converge to Campo Maior in September.

Sometimes… in August.

C maior

National colors, identifying the most popular clubs in Portugal (Sporting and Benfica), give the boys the chance to demonstrate their different choices. But where? And why these colors?

In Campo Maior for the Festas do Povo (people’s festivities). They’re an explosion of color, each street rivaling with its neighbors to get the prize of the most beautiful.
It is very difficult to get accommodation. so, Elvas or Badajoz, with luck, are near solutions.

2020. September 2024. Don’t forget to put in your agenda.

Still the festivities

Campo Maior

Maybe Campo Maior has interesting points besides its festivities, but, surrounded by so much color, who gets time and space to search for anything else?

Only going there in another occasion. But its so far…

In Alentejo it doesn’t rain much, and the decoration uses to be safe, but… what if it does rain?

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