Campinas – 2 hours for a good lunch


To see Visiting Campinas

It was not planned a visit to this city, but, coinciding with lunchtime (and a tremendous traffic jam on the highway), a small detour was justified.

We saw the beautiful cathedral and ate a nice lunch. Not much, but quite positive.


Visiting Campinas

Built at the end of the 19th century, this elegant cathedral has as its main reason (which we did not naturally perceive during the visit) the materials with which it was built.

It is described as the largest building made with pylon taipa, a rudimentary system in which the earth is compressed into wooden shapes, called taipals



The clay is compacted horizontally and laid in layers of 15 cm, creating a sturdy and durable structure. However, to a unprepared look, the great evidence is the large and rich works in a dark wood, mainly the artistic embossed images of “Via Sacra”. Later on, in Salvador, the guide explained that the dark wood in S. Francisco church (very similar) was jacarandá.

I recommend Vicino – Good buffet


Campinas was a stop only for lunch, and the combination of rush and ignorance of the local cuisine, directed us to a buffet at the mall.

It was a great idea: the buffet was varied and the food very tasty, but the most flavorful was even the price, as every kilogram of food cost less than three euros.

The speed of the meal allowed an unexpected visit of the cathedral. I will describe it in another post.

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