Cacela velha

Cacela Velha – Good 1st visit


Visiting Cacela Velha

There are two Cacela – Vila Nova de Cacela, a new residential small city inland, and Cacela Velha, the old village by the sea.

This is the most interesting one.

​They are a few kilometers distant, with Manta Rota being the best beach that serves the new Cacela, but the beauty is in the old Cacela.


Visiting Cacela Velha

Beach is the main attraction in Algarve, and Cacela is no exception.

Located in the easternmost end of Ria Formosa, it mixes lagoon with sea, with wide and long sand stripes.

​Accessibility is not the best of this beach, and parking is also bad, but if you like large free areas, in a safe beach, this may be a good option.


Cacela velha

A former Moorish castle suffered several times destruction and reconstruction, until 1770, when, after Lisbon’s earthquake, it was rebuilt with the actual look.

​Considered one of the most important monuments in Algarve, it can only be seen from outside because its is used by the customs brigade of GNR.


Cacela velha

Built in 1518, this is a modest church, where the most remarkable detail is its location, dominating the wide beach.

Cacela velha


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The tiny village of Cacela Velha is, as far as I know, the best preserved example of the old Algarve. Narrow streets, small white houses, wonderful location and sights, it is mandatory for a visit that will not take much time.

Cacela velha


Cacela velha

I tried to find out why this name -“factory” – and… found nothing.

From the castle of Cacela Velha, we may see in the dunes signs of abandoned big buildings.

Would it be an old factory? Well, the important is that this is a wide and warm beach, though you need to walk a lot in the sand dunes, or to ask a sailor to make the small crossing of Ria Formosa.

​This beautiful beach is also a hub to fishermen and nudists that use the empty and wide sandy beach.

“Nora” -watering device



Ria Formosa ends near Cacela, and it is a wildlife’s paradise. It is easy to visit, but, without a boat you must be careful with distances or you risk to get lost in the maze of sand stripes and islands.

​By the fortress there’s a plan that may help you to decide where to go and how.

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Cacela Velha - Good 1st visit

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