Bryce canyon by solopes

Bryce Canyon – 1 impressive hour


A stop in Bryce Canyon

Bryce canyon by solopes
Bryce canyon by solopes

We visited this canyon and Zion as an aperitif to the Grand Canyon.

This canyon is known for its stunning collection of hoodoos, which are tall, thin spires of rock formed through erosion. These hoodoos create a surreal landscape of orange, red, and white rock formations.

Loosing in proportion and spectacularity, it shows well the aggression of time against the rocks, and the strange shapes they acquire due to that erosion.

Flying over Zion

Vts 01 3[16513]
Vts 01 3[16513]

We didn’t stop in Zion.

The plane made a couple of circles, and proceeded to land in Bryce canyon.

Upon return I read a little about Zion, and confirmed that, in our shortage of time, we saw the best.

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  1. Your posts always provide me with a new perspective and encourage me to look at things differently Thank you for broadening my horizons

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