Bragan?a district

Bragança district


​​To see Bragança district in general

Far in distance but especially in time, due to the roads, Bragança is becoming closer, thanks to the new highways that have been constructed recently.

However, the trend to go south and west obliges me to confess that I’ve been there only three or four times.

​Bragança is a beautiful site, with a well preserve roman house, and all the district looks calm, almost stopped in time, where is easy to appreciate home made specialties of all kind. 

The people is simple and nice, and its not difficult to become friend to someone. Wilder then in the western districts, Douro River also has its attractions here.

Plan your trip including a lunch in Romeu, and, if with time, visit the picturesque villages of Rio de Onor and Varge.


Mirandela - Bragança district

Rio de Onor

Rio de onor
Rio de onor




Bragan?a district

Romeu “is” a Restaurant.

Well not exactly, Romeu is a traditional village of the northeast, with beautiful houses and a good restaurant, but, when you decide to make a picture, which is the best target for your camera?

Yes, the restaurant.

​So, click, and up to lunch.

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