Bohinska Bystrika

Bohinska Bystrika


To see Visiting Bohinska Bystrika

By the lake

The biggest village near Bohinj lake is also the less interesting of them all.

​The best place for general shopping and… what else?

Bohinj Lake

Visiting Bohinska Bystrika
Visiting Bohinska Bystrika

Bohinjska Bistrica is the biggest population near Bohinj lake, and, without being the most interesting, it may be the one offering the largest resources.

A few kilometers far from the lake, it uses it as the top attraction.

​ It´s a little bit far to walk there (remember, you must walk around the lake to enjoy it) but you may pick a bus in one of the flourished bus stops that enchanted Fernanda

St Nicholas

Bohinska Bystrika
Visiting Bohinska Bystrika

The parish church, dedicated to St Nicholas, was built in the 17th century and renovated in the 19th, acquiring its actual Neo Renaissance and Neo Romantic look.

​It has some nice paintings and the tomb of 40 workers killed during the construction of the railway tunnel.

​However, the star was not religious architecture.

Bohinska Bystrika


Bohinska Bystrika

It may be a little morbid the visit to a cemetery without any remarkable piece of art or the burial of someone famous.

​Maybe it is, but approaching the church, it is impossible to notice how intricate with it is the cemetery, and how fresh it looks, revealing that it is something that people visit often and carefully maintain


Bohinska Bystrika

One thing that we appreciated in the rural area near Bohinj lake were the many constructions used to store and to dry wood.

​It’s a vertical drying rack, with a permanent structure also in wood, and following a typical pattern, locally called kozolec.

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