Bled in 1 great day

Visiting Bled

It’s the main attraction in Slovenia, and tourism dominates everywhere.

Too much, in my opinion – the attractions are what we expected by the pictures, but seeing them not too easy due to parking restrictions.

​However, Bled, with its lake, island and hanging castle, is, no doubt, a “Must see”.

​The lake

Visiting Bled
The lake

My first contact with the lake was at night and very impressive, due to a clever illumination.

​By the day it confirmed all the expectations, but I didn’t cross it to the island – the time was short, and the weather unstable. It’s beautiful, yes it is, and… it’s beautiful. OK.

Directions: If you walk or drive around lake, you will see where people swim.

Website: Bled

​Hanging castle


I was short in time, and with Fernanda’s aversion to castles I had to skip it.

It seems to be interesting to visit, carefully arranged to attract tourists with planned entertainment, but I had to limit myself to its splendorous image reflecting in the lake.

Address: Lake Bled, Slovenia, 4260

Website: Bled

The Island

Visiting Bled – Islan

It´s nice, the island in the lake, but weighting everything (the announced poor attractions in the island, the cost of the boat, the rainy day and our scheduling) we didn’t go there.

​Yes, there’s a church… but no shopping, so…

Address: In the lake.

Directions: If you walk or drive around lake, you will see where people swim.


Visit Bled – Flowers

One thing that we both appreciated (but it is also almost an obsession to Fernanda) were the flowers.

Blooming everywhere, the way they use them in facades and balconies add beauty to the most common or even ugly construction.

​Walking along the lake

The best of Bled

The best way to enjoy the lake (if you’re in good condition, what was not exactly my case) is to walk along the lake.

There’s a good path that, I think, goes completely around the lake.

We used it for a few hundred meters, and enjoyed the many points with excellent views.

Lake Bohinj – The rival, not far

Visiting Bled – Trip to Bohinj lake

Rivalling with Bled, this beautiful lake is more natural, and less explored.

The many sensations collected in the area are related in several pages – Ribcev Laz where we slept, but also Bohinjska Bystrica, and the surprising Srednja Vas.

​Only twenty kilometers separate these lakes, so different, that no one should visit one without seeing the other.

Which one is the most beautiful?

Well… I think that is a very… very difficult question. Just go and see, and decide for yourself.

I recommend Tons of food in Grill Lovec

Grill Lovec

Our first meal in Slovenia was a mix of local dishes, in Bled.

Good lunch

A very good meal, with lots of food, at a reasonable price. The restaurant belongs to Kompas Hotel, and it displays “Grill” and “Aquarium”, creating some confusion about its name.

​Not far from the lake.

Favorite Dish: Mixed grill

Address: Ljubljanska cesta, 6

Visiting the island

Moving in Bled

To visit the island in Bled Lake there are two options (swimming is not to everybody):

To take a pletna boat, paying 12€ per person in a return trip, or to rent a boat for 15 € per hour (3 pax) or 17 € (5 pax) and… row! 

Parking not easy

Memories of Bled

Before leaving I read something about Bled and I was prepared to pay a lot for parking. Well, the situation is worse than expected, and parking by the lake is not expensive – it’s almost impossible.

I met a place (seeming a private parking) by the lake, announcing a price of 4.50€ for parking. I risked, but couldn’t find any place to pay – everything was closed. I left the place expecting to meet the fine when returning, but… nothing.

Maybe you will have your lucky day too…

Simoncinka -Small but nice mall

Shopping in Bled - Simoncinka

Of course, Fernanda, in Bled as anywhere else, needed desperately something that (I think) she didn’t buy but justified a visit to the shopping mall.

Don’t ask me about the shops (that’s up to her), but I didn’t bother too much, with the splendid views from its open space.