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Natural Pools of Biscoitos

Biscoitos 1
Biscoitos 1

On the north coast of the island, an irregular arrangement of volcanic rocks created spaces where the sea penetrates, and where protection from the waves is achieved. The hand of man complemented this work of nature, joining conditions of access and use.

The natural pools are an excellent resource for bathing, in summer and a spectacle in winter.

Our idea was to eat there, but we found no restaurant near the pools, so we decided to move to the next village, Altares, where a good restaurant was waiting us.

Positive impression O Caneta


Very good

Frequently referred as the best restaurant in the island, it seemed to be the only solution in a wide area, at least in winter, and we had no doubt in entering it. After reading all the celebrating comments about the typical “Alcatra” this was the best place to taste it. It’s good, tender, tasty and abundant, though not matching my favorite tastes. Good service and reasonable price.

Site: Restaurant

Caneta 1
Alcatra traditional

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