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Berlin in the old and new days


To see I don’t know Berlin. I had a chance to visit it right after the fall of the wall, and didn’t waste it. In a very brief visit, I concentrated all the attention in the differences between both sides. It was a great experience. Now, Berlin is there, and became one of my prefered objectives.

The falling wall


The Berlin that I knew was the divided city, a few months after the falling of the wall and before the unification. My kids enthusiastically joined the crowds hitting the remaining panels of the wall, without any idea about the meaning of that gesture. Now they do know. It was important to be there then, to see the differences separating both worlds, and to witness history happening. Now I need to visit it again – there’s a whole city to visit, and to compare with those small but still vivid memories. 
​The remains of the wall are a new monument.


Brandenburg door


Checkpoint Charlie


Soviet memorial


The Reichstag


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