Benidorm – 3 times for good vacancies

Beach – People – Amusement

Benidorm is only beach. Too much people, too much youth, too much amusement, too much noise, too much business, too much… Spanish holidays.

​And too much Portuguese, always and everywhere.

​Levante Beach


Levante is the most “in” of the beaches, and where everything happens.

If you don’t mind sharing a square meter of sand with five people, dispute the narrow corridors (if some) between the chairs to reach the water, and sleep… when possible, then you’ll be happy in Benidorm.

​Tedium is the only forbidden thing in place.

​Cala Finestrat


ometers west of central Benidorm, this beautiful beach offers the same quality of water, in a more calm ambiance, and, of course, the animation of Benidorm is only minutes away.

In my first time in Benidorm, I choose a hotel in Altea, where we could really sleep. In my second time I stayed in the high part of the city, distant from the sea, but not much from the noise.

My third time (if it comes), will probably be here.

Wrong! Not yet! My third time was once more in Levante, by the beach. I will write about it (and add better photos)

​Sierra Helada Park


East of Benidorm, the coast becomes extremely steep, with cliffs topping 300 meters.

The landscape is arid, but the strong tourism around it forced the authorities to declare it a Natural park.


I recommend Dinner at Tanque

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To kill our homesickness while we were staying in Playa de San Juan, we went to Benidorm for dinner. A beer-friendly restaurant was not our purpose, but the location, close to Festilandia, and kid-friendly menu convinced us.
No one drank beer, but the dinner was good for both the quality and the price.

​Crowds – Always

I had in Benidorm an exclusive sensation: trying to reach the sea, I couldn’t find how.

Crowds in the beach
Crowds in the beach

The reclining chairs were to tight that it really worked as a wall. I had to walk to a rocky area in the northern tip of Levante beach to find a passage, walking back in the water to the desired bathing area, with the wall of chairs allowing the occupants to have their feet in the water.

August in Benidorm is a nightmare!

​A positive point – the way back was also so long, that I could dispense the towel.