Benedita – rivalry 5 minutes distant


To see Visiting Benedita – mainly for business

Benedita was, in several years of the second half of last century, the village with the higher growth in the world.

That stopped near the end of the century, somewhere between a small city and a big village, with prosperous industry mixed with fading projects, but always with a great vitality.

It is not a touristy destination, but a place where you may go to a convenient business, or to join the lively youth.

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Visiting Benedita – Just kidding

​The wonders of Benedita

There is a very old rivalry between this village and Turquel. Until the decade of 1960, this was a poor village, even smaller than Turquel. Then, with the support of a wise priest, Benedita started growing, becoming for several years, the fastest growing place in Europe.

Turquel stood behind, and rivalry gave place to some envy. Times have changed, Benedita slowed down, Turquel got some development too, and now both places tend to live together, sharing space and opportunities.

However… rivalry makes part of cultural heritage!​

​So, if you don’t mind, as a good citizen of Turquel, I’m pleased to show you in the top of this text the most beautiful picture of this wonderful village.

The other beauties

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General Views

I was kidding!

​Benedita has several wonderful things: a road to Turquel is the top of them, but you may go further, climb the mountain of Candeeiros, and from the top you will have nice views over Turquel, with Alcobaça, Nazaré and the sea in background.

PS – The fun will be confined to this intro. I promise that I will treat this place as seriously as every other place in all that I will write from now.

The church


The most noticeable area of Benedita is the church and the surrounding buildings.

​All of them modern and common, they are the signs of the great progress in the recent decades.

Shopping Costa Brava

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Benedita - rivalry 5 minutes distant

Remember this name

Great! Absolutely great!

​Open for several decades as a restaurant for truck drivers and other drivers searching for a quick and cheap meal, this restaurant was converted, betting now in quality. In my last visit, it was perfect – originality, excellent taste, regular portions, kind service, and moderate prices.

Favorite Dish: Vitela na Pucara ( Veal in a pot – the cabbage… oh, the cabbage…), Bacalhau com Grão (Codfish), Mixed Grill

Address: IC2 or “Estrada Nacional 1” in Benedita

I recommend O Vieira

Eating in Benedita

Family food

In the outskirts of Benedita, near IC2, I use it quite often for a family meal. It serves home made food, with good quality and a reasonable price. The only drawback is, in the most “familiar” days, the noise of excited kids.

Favorite Dish: Posta Mirandesa
                         Bacalhau à Lagareiro

Address: Charneca Casal do Guerra        Phone: 262929936

​​Directions: IC2, from south, after Venda das Raparigas, and the turns to Benedita, about km 83.5 turn right (signposted)

I recommend Serrazina

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Family or business

Located in IC2, a few kilometers south of town, and close to Venda das Raparigas, this is a very interesting restaurant for a reasonable meal well priced. The food respects Portuguese traditions and is well elaborated.

Trying to attract people passing by, it is also a restaurant were people go expressly to a trustful lunch or dinner.

​The decoration, following the “traditional” pattern is discreet and well conceived.

Address: IC2


Carnival night

​ Night in Benedita​

Benedita has several bars.

As a hub of the regional education system, hundreds of students (and other) gather in weekends in and around bars, in a lively night.

The top of the nightly events happens during Carnival – Monday night, thousands fill all the streets in the centre of town to a parade, and the amusement continues all night long.

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