Benavente – 3 visits, good dances


Visiting Benavente

Benavente is a nice small town, south of river Tejo.

It became a regular destination because I love dancing and the local firemen headquarters house a school that uses to share the organization of dancing championship.

A good pretext to travel and… to make friends.

​City Hall

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City Hall was built in 1875 expressly for its actual use.
In the restoration after the earthquake of 1909, a metallic tower with sightseeing point and clock were added, becoming its most unusual detail.

The pillory

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Supposed to date from 1516, this monument suffered several modifications and movements, until ending in its local position – in front of City Hall.

​Palace of Justice


As a small city, Benavente has… a small court. The palace of Justice is a modern building in the centre of town.


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Wide areas, wide lawns and some nice and discreet fountains are not common in Portuguese small cities. It is nice to see in one of the entrances.

​Central Square


Severely hit by earthquakes, the centre of town needed to be rebuilt, and shows now a pleasant and modern look.

Near the church a modern statue is dedicated to Our Lady of Peace.

​The Church

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Well placed in a wide and gardened area, the main church is a modern building, that didn’t invite me in.

​Sorraia river

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Sorraia is the river that passes in Benavente. It seems that they are starting to look at the river and taking care of its banks. Something has already been done, but I think that they may make even better, mainly in the side opposite to town.



It’s a village close to  Benavente, but it has a sports pavilion, where we danced… several times, several visits…

Personal memories Dancing

Benavente 1
Benavente 1

I don’t know what do the locals do to amuse themselves, but I know what we did – to dance.

That’s what I recommend them to do (and you too!)

Geo cache

Benavente 2
Benavente 2

It was in Benavente that I heard for the first time about this Internet game – hiding something and giving the coordinates for the other to search for it.

​I went wit some friends (who found the cache) and, not too thrilled with the game I used it as a good opportunity to look around and see the place.

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