Basque country

Basque Country in general

To see Basque Country in general

I’ve been three times in the cool area of the north coast, the first ones when pictures were an expensive privilege, demanding films, development and tons of disappointment, when, back home, all the technical mistakes revealed in the final works.

Basque Country
Basque Country

The second just passing by, and the third already carrying a primitive digital camera, but in a professional trip, without time to much tourism.

I remember the excellent impression of San Sebastian, the emotion in Altamira caves, by Santander, and a night slept in Bilbao.

I kept the curious name (for us) of Portugalete, in the way back home, and it was all.

Nowadays, Fernanda recovered the enthusiasm for photo, and that opens new opportunities.

When will I return? Well, not planed yet, but soon…