Barcelos – festive city seen after 3 attempts


After a few failed attempts due to the confusion of popular festivals, I was finally able to carry out a visit to a beautiful city… in celebration.
Quick visit to Barcelos, as an appetizer to return… with no parties.

Medieval bridge

Visiting Barcelos
Medieval bridge

Started to build in 1325, this bridge, benefiting from some reconstructions, is still in service, classified as a national monument.

City Hall

Barcelos 5
City Hall

The City Hall Palace is the result of a curious combination of several historic buildings, some from the 14th century. After harmonizing works in the 19th century, the result is quite balanced and harmonious.

Santa Maria Maior

Barcelos 6
Santa Maria Maior

Built in the 14th century, this church showcases the change in styles well, incorporating Gothic elements into the heavy and austere Romanesque structure.

Bom Jesus da Cruz

Barcelos 7
Bom Jesus da Cruz

Legend has it that in 1504 a cross in black earth appeared on the ground, and a chapel was immediately built on the site.
Two hundred years later, the chapel was replaced by the current version, more robust and exuberant.

Barrocas garden

Barcelos 9
Barrocas garden

In the center of the city there is a very well-kept garden created in the 18th century in Rococo style.

“Nossa Senhora da Ponte” chapel

Barcelos 10
Nossa Senhora da Ponte

In Barcelinhos, at the other end of the medieval bridge, there is a chapel whose state of conservation can be deceiving, suggesting a much more recent building than it is – the chapel of “Nossa Senhora da Ponte”, built in 1328.

Barcelinhos – Parking tricks


The first few times I tried to visit Barcelos, I was blocked by partying crowds, with no chance of leaving the car. Finally, in one more attempt (at a party, of course), I managed to get parking facilities facing the city. You have to cross the bridge to enter the city, but the distance is minimal.

Memories of Barcelos
Barcelos 2

The first two times I tried to visit Barcelos, I couldn’t, because the partying crowds didn’t allow me to park anywhere.

On the third, I parked outside the city, crossed the bridge, and… surprise – I found a city rejoicing.

Barcelos 3
Barcelos 3

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