Thailand 2

Bangkok in 3 rich days


Visiting the city

Around it 17 million people, with their buildings, and temples, and shops, and hotels, and restaurants, and rivers, and smog, and motos, and sex industry, and, don’t forget, THE Imperial Palace!

However, Bangkok is also the hub to many visits of undeniable interest. The problem is the 16 hours trip, otherwise I would be a regular visitor.

The Imperial Palace

Visiting Bangkok - Imperial Palace
Visiting Bangkok – Imperial Palace

We feel small! We feel poor! We feel ugly. But we feel blessed by the fortune of seeing such a collection of art masterpieces, in this large complex. 

It’s impossible to go to Bangkok without this palace in mind. Go with time (there are crowds) and if you’re not in an escorted visit read what you can before going, or… in place. It’s fantastic!

Chao Praha

Visiting Bangkok – Chao Praha

A short and quick trip on a boat along the canal, and we arrived at the market. We left the boat and enjoyed the show. Is it always like that? 

Is it revivalism for tourist amusement? No. It looks natural, and locals sell and buy indifferent to the curiosity of western people – but taking advantage of them, of course.

Boat trip

Visiting Bangkok

​The river plays a fundamental role in Bangkok’s life, impossible to appreciate from the banks.

You have to move a while in the water, either joining a trip in the Chao river, or hiring a river taxi, if you know where to go. 

The floating market is a good place that you can visit by boat, as we did.


Visiting Bangkok – Chinatown

​Chinatown in New York. Chinatown in Washington. Chinatown in 
San Francisco. Chinatown in Montreal. Chinatown in… Chinatown in Bangkok? I skip. I prefer “Bangkoktown”, and to plan Chinatown in… China.

Chinatown in Shanghai! I knew it!
That’s the finest, wonderful Chinatown.

Sugar factory

Sugar factory

In the outskirts of Bangkok we had the opportunity to see the production of sugar from coconut.

Something new, for us. 

Though in a large scale, everything was done by hand.

I recommend Royal Dragon – BIG, big, BIG


Claiming to be the largest restaurant in the world… it probably is. Several big rooms, the waiters on roller skates, everything here is … show business, but the food is OK.

Favorite Dish: How do I know? You just do as I use to do: ask for the strangest plates. Some of them are cooked on table.

Address: 35/222 M.4 Bangna Trad Rd, Bangna 10260,

Price Comparison: more expensive than average

Phone: +66 2 398 0038 (Covid-19 killed it. It’s closed)

Rest7 Street Food

Eating in Bangkok - Street food
Eating in Bangkok – Street food

For a question of safety I never eat in the streets in tropical countries.

I respected that precaution in Bangkok, but I must confess that nowhere in the world the food looked so nice and appetizing, nor even in my Portugal.

​Well presented, cheap, and with hygienic precautions, so, if you are in a budget that may be a good solution.

Positive impression Narai Hotel

Thailand 3
Thailand 3
Hotel in Bangkok

​This is a reasonable hotel, located near Patpong, at walking distance to the ferries, and easy to access the other transports. The pool is somewhat hidden, but for the kids it was Eden, and for us a great relief after the long walking days. The service was discreet but acceptable.

Address: 222 Silom Road Bangkok 10500 T Bangkok 0

Price Comparison: about average

Phone: 2370100



Travelling around in 4 continents, I have already experienced everything about uses, here and there having to wear several accessories to respect the local rules.

Well advised, we all dressed shirts with sleeves and trousers to visit the Grand Palace. But…

​My wife was wearing open shoes, and part of two fingers could easily be seen. Impossible! So, to enter the Palace, she had to buy and wear a pair of socks. Cheap, as a matter of fact, and, this time, no one took the shoes off.

Check your scheduling

Bangkok warnings - Traffic
Bangkok warnings – Traffic

There’s no chance to program a local trip by car without two or three hours of tolerance. 

The traffic is always jammed, and the pollution very high. 

We took a taxi for a five kilometres ride to a restaurant, and were forced to use the highway (extra payment) to do it in less than three hours. If possible… walk (get yourself a mask, as most locals do).

​Just eat

Bangkok 1
Bangkok 1

Thai food mixes the delicacy of Chinese food with the strength of Indian food. It’s great.

I don’t want to be chauvinist, but, for my taste, it is the only one that challenges Portuguese food as Top One in the world.

​Just do eat it.


Memories of Bangkok
Memories of Bangkok

In most Asian countries it’s common to understand the remains of British influence, in the students’ dress code.

In Bangkok we saw a parade with students, using traditional costumes and some uniformity, but not so rigorous and classical as in India, for instance.

​I don’t know what they were celebrating, but they were a very happy crowd – maybe the end of scholar period?

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