Azores – 3 great visits to 2 islands


Nine islands – What to visit in Azores?

Azores landscape
Typical landscape

The archipelago of Azores has nine islands, and experts say they are all different. We don’t have the experience that allows us to take a position, but we have no doubts that the first option will always have to be São Miguel, the richest and most varied of all. Angra do Heroísmo places Terceira as the second option, and then the options are divided. Costa Cruises has a description that can help you decide.

São Miguel

São Miguel
Furnas – São Miguel

I visited São Miguel for the first time in winter and decided to return soon in summer. I complied. Two different but excellent visits, where, in addition to the essential Ponta Delgada, Furnas and Sete Cidades, I enjoyed Água de Alto, Mosteiros, Ribeira Grande and Vila Franca do Campo, as well as other small towns that I mention on my page about the island.


Algar do Carvão – Terceira

After the enchantment of São Miguel, I felt indebted to Angra do Heroísmo, where a friend had invited me for years, without the possibility of accepting. It was a pleasure to experience the city for two days, and from there to discover Terceira, an island where Praia da Vitória and Biscoitos seemed to me to deserve a special mention.

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