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Visiting Aveiro


Aveiro – Portuguese Venice

Did you think that Portugal was the only country without a so called Venice or Venezia or Veneza?

We have water so we have also our Venice. What do they have in common?

1 – Water and canals
2 – The smell
​3 – A similar typical boat (Moliceiro versus Gondola)

What are the differences?

1 – The palaces
2 – The prices
3 – 15 000 000 tourists each year
4 – “Ovos moles”

​These are the big notes. But there are many small ones, that you’d better check for yourself.

Canals and moliceiros


Old capitania


Cathedral and museum


Santa Joana

Santa joana
Santa joana

Tourist office

Tourist Office

Squares and gardens

Manuel firmino
Manuel firmino

Ovos moles

Ovos moles
Ovos moles

It's there Melià


Trip in the ria

Royal school
Royal school
Humberto delgado
Humberto Delgado

What did I write in 1989 in my first touristy visit to Aveiro?


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It’s exaggerated the comparison to Venice, but Aveiro is, really very tight to water.

A few canals cross the city, and in the neighborhoods, most of their life is connected to the sea and lagoon.

​Aveiro is mainly a growing industrial city, with the sea present everywhere.



The top icon of the city is the traditional boat used to pick algae from the lagoon, called Moliceiro.

​Now a fading activity, it keeps being the “official” image against the reality of a growing industrial area, but it is not much than a touristy relic nowadays, possible to book for a short trip.

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