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Visiting Aveiro district – Water magic, 3 inland wonders and more


To see Visiting Aveiro district

Known as Portuguese Venice, because of the canals that cross the city, and the lagoon, Aveiro dominates the district, in the middle of a few beaches from Furadouro, in Ovar, to Praia de Mira already in Coimbra district.

In Costa Nova, near the city, one of its ocean beaches, wooden houses in color stripes that are another ex-libris of the city.

​In the northern area of the district deserve attention Espinho, a very lively beach, Santa Maria da Feira, with a beautiful castle, Castelo de Paiva by the Douro River, and the gem of popular art in Válega

Inland, Arouca has a monastery with more than thousand years, and south, the capital of roasted suckling pig – Mealhada, gives access to the mandatory Bussaco, or its neighboring thermal city of Luso. “Out of the beaten path” we have some industrial cities, including the capital of shoemakers S. João da Madeira.


Visiting Aveiro district -Águeda

A very industrial city becomes a touristy one when starts its annual festivity. Lively, original helps to appreciate Águeda.


Already known for its very beautiful monastery, Arouca created an 8 km long walkway flanking Paiva river and drags thousands of visitors each year. We were two of them.

Visiting Aveiro district – Arouca


Visiting Aveiro district – Aveiro

The capital of the district has invested a lot in tourism, and Aveiro is now a beautiful city where a brief trip across the canals is mandatory.

However, strolling in the city is also a pleasure.


Visiting Aveiro district - Bussaco
Visiting Aveiro district – Bussaco

If you can afford it, you may have a night in style. If you don’t, watch the outside and the relaxing woods of Bussaco. I did both and described it in a specific page.

Costa Nova

Costa Nova
Visiting Aveiro district – Costa Nova

Several times in Costa Nova, never staying, but always appreciating the typical houses, and the care always present in their maintenance.


Visiting Aveiro district – Espinho

Espinho is a cosmopolitan city in the north of Portugal, attracting people of the area to the beach and the well-known casino.

To be honest neither the cold and rough sea in that part of the coast nor the emotions of gambling mean anything to me, so after passing a couple of times in the area, I only dedicate some time to visit it, in a few free hours during a dancing competition.

Well, maybe in a very hot day and sea of summer…


Visiting Aveiro district – Furadouro

Visiting Aveiro district try not to skip this wide beach. Furadouro is the beach of Ovar, a couple of kilometers distant.


Visiting Aveiro district – Luso

​​Luso is THE water. The most famous brand of table water comes from a new spring in this city, freeing the old one, where the water pours at 28º Celsius, for thermal purposes that come from the 18th century.

Tourism in the area is oriented to senior people, the most interested in the thermal treatments, with a reasonable offering of accommodation and restaurants (with the famous Mealhada nearby, available to the best stomachs.


Visiting Aveiro district – Mealhada

Mealhada is only a tourist destination because it is the national piglet capital. Eating is the reason why more than ninety percent of visitors come to Mealhada, with the restaurants next to each other, all offering the best suckling pig in the galaxy, accompanied by sparkling wine from Bairrada.


Visiting Aveiro district – Ovar

Ovar is not a very touristy place, but it is a nice city that we visit with pleasure. Don’t forget to taste “pão-de-ló”.

Pateira de Fermentelos

Visiting Aveiro district – Fermentelos

Fermentelos is a common and remote village, embellished by the wildlife and landscape around the biggest natural lake of Portugal.


Visiting Aveiro district – Sangalhos

We can’t say Champagne, because is a reserved word to France, so we say Espumante, however, we don’t lose in quality. A vinery joined an exotic museum to espumante tasting and put Sangalhos on the map.

Santa Maria da Feira

Santa Maria da Feira
Visiting Aveiro district – Santa Maria da Feira

Known as Vila da Feira, when promoted to a city it changed to the actual name, Santa Maria da Feira, however, for the Portuguese, it keeps being simply… Feira, a pleasant city around the castle.

S. João da Madeira

Aveiro district
Visiting Aveiro district – São João da Madeira

I didn’t have much time to São João da Madeira – a professional meeting in a technical school supporting shoe making (the biggest activity in the area), a good lunch offered by locals, and just a glimpse of a city that showed not much. 
Industry, work and what else in S. João da Madeira?

​At least a nice church…


Visiting Aveiro district – Válega

Is it kitsch? Maybe!

is it Naif? Surely! However, this largely decorated church, made 80% of the Portuguese learn the word Válega.

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