Athens – a 3 days visit


To see One of the great pillars of European history, Athens, without the splendours of Rome, is keeping the signs of history and cultural references, justifying, at least, the three days we could dedicate to it.



As expected

If there was something in Greece that everybody knew before arriving there, it was the Partenon. The sensation of being there, felling the sizes and distances, understanding the damage of the crowds stepping or even jumping in the stones, while remembering the old days in school, does worth the trip. But be prepared to be pushed, trodden, squeezed. The local museum could be a oasis in the heat of the violent sun, but it is another place to get pushed, and trodden and squeezed. Anyway, no one complaints – being one of the few universal meeting points, it has to be shared!

Website: Acropolis



Will it be possible to visit Athens without entering the Acropolis? Of course not!The Parthenon is the dominant building, but, to be honest, the visit doesn’t had much to what we know from the many descriptions that came to our life in school and subsequent readings. The true achievement is the sensation of… “being there”, with the feet walking across the history of civilization, towards the museum that shows… yes, the details that you didn’t know before the visit.

Address: Dionysiou Areopagitou | Main entrance on the west


Caryatid – ​Elegance and style

All isolated statues were removed to the museum, but fortunately, these ones, holding the structure couldn’t be removed. They compose the most elegant and harmonious detail in the rich ensemble of Pártenon.Now the truth: Yes, they were also removed, five of them to the museum, and one to England, but the copies are perfectly “imperfect” respecting the aging expected in a piece of art coming from the 6th century BC.

Website: Erechteion

​Theatre of Dionysus


Hephaestus Temple


Zeus Temple


Agora Romana


​Tower of the Winds


Army Museum


​Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation



​Panaghia Kapnikarea



​Panagia Gorgoepikoos or Agios Eleftherios


Yes, there’s a big cathedral in this square – Plateia Mitropleos, but, “hidden in the shadow” of this small Byzantine gem, who will notice it? Built on the ruins of a still older temple (with stones dating from the 4th century) this church from the 12th century is something you have to visit and read about.

Website: Panagia Georgoepikoos

Akadamias (University)


Sintagma Square


Olimpic Stadium


​Kaisariani Monastery


Only 8 kilometers out of Athens, in mount Hymettos, this monastery is a good example of Byzantine art. I read that a taxi costs about 15 €, and it is served by bus 224, but with the recent crises I can’t guarantee it.

​Byzantine Museum

img396 36 resize 4

Not a big museum, but a very rich collection. Centrally located, this museum is a great alternative to who desires to make a break in “old stones”, with the 15000 pieces covering from the 4th to the 19th century.

Address: 22 Vas.Sophias avenue, Athens 10675

Website: Museum

​Glyfada – A church and a beach


We arrived in Athens by lunch time, with flight to Santorini almost at midnight. Our tourist operator received us in the airport (VIP treatment because I was a friend of the Portuguese operator), and drove us to the beach of Glyfada where time could pass without boring the kids. It was nice, and we had time to explore a little of the place. The beach seemed a little dirt and crowded, and the city showing a modern and functional look. We decided to visit a huge church near the beach, but… bad luck: it was being used in religious ceremonies, and we didn’t disturb. I kept the idea that it was as modern as everything around but… not sure.

Great military performance

Military ballet
Military ballet

In some other places the surrender of the guards is used to provide a show. Here, only a couple of guards is needed play for hours a synchronized movement, that catch the tourists attention permanently.

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