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Shopping Shoppings – Buy with comfort

Mina A’Salam

Mina A’Salam shops

Simulating an old bazaar, many narrow corridors lead to a complex of shops, dominated by local (or… almost) crafts.

​With the advantage of the air-conditioning, their drawback against the real souks are the prices, as expected in Dubai.

No problem – we were passing, in the way to China!

​Top Price Selection

Top shops

If you have travelled to India or any Islamic country, entering this centre you have the sensation of “déjà vu”. Several products and techniques, with a common link: Expensive.

Wonderful pieces, enormous pieces, exquisite pieces, it sure deserves a visit (no picture inside… obviously). Buying? Well… it’s your money!

What to buy: Inlaid stones, Metal works, Rugs, Cloths

What to pay: Dilemma: Please your senses and hurt your wallet, or defend your money and buy… something, in the low rank.

Address: Jumeirah Beach road, Jumeirah 3