Eating in Dubai

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Eating in Dubai

​​ I recommend Seville – Almost Spanish

I had a good lunch in Seville, a restaurant included in Wafi complex (yes, in Spanish Seville too).

Advertised as Spanish, it really has a Spanish look, but I can’t guarantee that the food is so Spanish as expected. Anyway, it was tasteful, gently served, and at a reasonable price. The only problem was the location of the restaurant: although included in the complex, we had to leave the air-conditioned, across some terraces badly signed.

​I hope that with the ending of the works things will be easier now.

Address: Wafi Center

I recommend Dinner Cruise

Eating in Dubai
Dinner cruise

There are several starting points and several prices to this dinner, announced as one of Dubai’s highlights. We bought it in our hotel, by the regular price (I think), with the advantage of transfers both ways.The sights are not so gorgeous as expected, and the dinner is nothing special… as expected. Anyway, we had to dine each day, the quality was acceptable, it was different, and travelling in the air-conditioning along the river was comfortable enough to justify the price.

Address: Dinner cruise