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Special hotel Dubai Marine Beach Resort

Hotel in a Garden

Dubai Marine Beach Resort is rather different from the general hotels: instead of a big building, with lots of rooms spreading up the tower, this is a garden, with lakes and plenty of green.

The rooms are located in small villas, all with easy access to the lobby and the pools. A clever and simple system allows direct access to the bathing area for the customers, while visitors must use the reception, and controlled access via reception when the doors are opened, at night to external clients.

​Everything works with efficiency, allowing a calm stay.

Hotels in Dubai

Best Location

Choosing the Dubai hotels had the help of friends in internet.

Thanks, JessH for the suggestion in VT that took me to the Dubai Marine. The hotel has not an outstanding luxury (excellent), but it’s comfortable, and very well located, only some minutes away from… everything (if traffic allows it!).

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road

Price: US$180 and up

Website: Marine

Hotels in Dubai

Cool Pool

In Dubai Marine Beach Resort we had three degree of temperature in the water: the boiling sea, the tepid pool, and… the normal pool.

The cascade does refresh a little, and moving into it after coming from the beach (or from the other pool) was very pleasant.

​Furthermore, it was the shadiest area, and that made it my favourite location in the hotel’s facilities.

Hotels in Dubai

For all tastes

During the day all the movement into and out Marina Beach hotel must use the reception.

When the night comes the gate to the pools area and restaurants is open (and switched to the reception the access from residential area) and the restaurants are open to the public (ingenious solution).

Several cuisines and a club turn the night more animated than the day. At least in hot summer days. Eating “at home” gives time for fun and relaxation.

​Mina a Salam Hotel

Hotels in Dubai

For your Pleasure
I didn’t stay there – we just entered for a drink and a brief visit, because I read that it was one of the best Dubai hotels.

Everything in Dubai is being built with the objective of getting the top in luxury, comfort and beauty. That’s why hotels, malls and office buildings are assuming the role of Dubai tourist attractions. This hotel easily hits the goal. Each room, each corridor, each corner, each lake or pool was thought to please. And it does.

​The integration with the shopping center and the sea works fine. Staying there must be a great experience… if you can afford it, as everything in Dubai.

Doubtful impression Rihab Rotana Suites

Grand canyon

My choice of Dubai hotels for the first stay was this hotel because I wanted to stay in Deira, not far from the airport, and the hotel, respecting those needs, had good references in the net. It’s really a good hotel, across the street from Deira City Center, but two things did go wrong:

First problem:

I arrived past midnight as expected and it was supposed to be received at the airport by the hotel’s minibus, informed of the flight scheduling. At the arrival door, a long line of people holding cards, identified the hotels… but mine was not there. I saw another Rotana, and approached the man, asking him if he was serving both hotels. He said no, informing that my driver should be outside, past the arrival door. I went out, to a violent heat, and saw a still larger line of people with more cards in several languages. 

It took me several minutes to sweat around, to a final conclusion – he was not there also. I phoned to the hotel, being informed that the driver should be there, searching us. Another long wait, and… nothing. I phoned again, having the same answer, but that time explaining him exactly the place where we were waiting. Some minutes later, at last, someone came to pick us.

Second problem:

I’m allergic to tobacco ash. Being so, after a bad experience in Miami, I’m always very careful asking for a non-smoking room. I did it as usually but entering the room the tobacco smell was almost a punch in the nose. I left immediately and at the reception the bad news: there was no non-smoking room left. I didn’t accept the room nor the excuses, and, as the room was already paid, and it was not what I paid for, I demanded a solution. It was the bellboy who suggested that I could go and see another free (smoking) room and decide. I went, the smell was not so obvious, and I accepted. No reaction, thanks God, but the behaviour of the front-desk was not professional.

Address: Al Garhoud Road