Memories of Delhi


Personal memories Memories of Delhi

Different religions – Sikhs

It was one of the best visions in Delhi, the Sikh temple that we visited – Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. It’s harmony and cleanliness were absolute, and the calm ambiance inside was remarkable. Hundreds of people in prayer didn’t bother at all with the dozens of tourists walking around, with a single demand – covered heads. I was thinking: when we visit a christian temple, we (men) must uncover our heads. What happens with a Sikh in a christian temple?

Memories of Delhi
Memories of Delhi – faith

I felt rather uncomfortable in some temples in India. Dozens of people concentrated in their prayers, and a few westerns snooping and taking pictures of everything. I tried my best not to disturb anyone but couldn’t avoid a smile observing a very small child, perfectly imitating the behavior of his father in the great mosque.