Memories of China

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Personal memories Memories of China

Two speeds

​The economic boom of China is present in all the cities that we visited. Of course, we’ve been only in the touristic circuit, where business and tourism are pushing the people to levels of consummation and life quality that are inaccessible to great part of the population.

While in places like Guilin or Yangshuo rural life gets natural profit from tourism, how will China replicate the development of Beijing or Shanghai in areas where tradition still prevails?

​Will it be possible, one day, to step outside the marked path and meet the other China before the cleavages already perceived put a end to the calm and safe hospitality of China?

​​Sharing Experiences

Things are… how you see them. The reality is objective, but, facing that same reality, each one gets a different look, a different interpretation, according to his (her) culture and experience. I’ve been in China with an excellent and heterogeneous group, and we had a very good time going to the same places and seeing the same things. Well… did we?

No. No one could get and keep everything, and the different details gave each one a different experience of China. Travelling is a social amusement that gets richer each time we share experiences and different looks (That’s the merit of VT).

In our group there was a Turkish couple with passion, skills and equipment for photo. They, not only made some fabulous photos, but also got attracted by some details that escaped me, looking in another direction that… may have escaped them.

Watching their pictures is a good chance to keep travelling in China, reconstructing in mind what we saw, and enriching my memories with something that… was there and we didn’t notice.

So, I suggest that you plan your trip with this notion: There are many “Chinas” in the big China. Several eyes do see better than just two. And sharing experience is a good way to keep on travelling.