Eating in Shanghai

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Eating in Shanghai

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In many restaurants in China, the invitational sight is… the kitchen. 

Usually hidden in western restaurants, the Chinese like to show cookers at work. 

The famous dumplings (not so special for my taste) are a good opportunity to show the cooker’s skills.

I recommend Wang Bao He: “Nice ambiance”

Eating in Shanghai
Eating in Shanghai – Wang Bao He

After being two weeks in China, we become nostalgic of our own food, and somewhat indisposed to appreciate what seems to be… more of the same. Being the last of our meals in China, it was supposed to be special, and… maybe… it was. But to distinguish their several different foods needs more time, and the chance to repeat meals often, enough to feel what is common to each area. 

Arriving at home I must confess that I have no idea about the differences between Sichuan, Cantonese, or whatever we tasted in Shanghai (I think that, here and there, we were protected by the guides from spices and… odd food).

I enjoyed the food in China, spicy or not, but I believe that it’s about time to accept worldwide the advantages of fork and knife while dining.