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Central Passages

Xian warnings
Xian warnings – Passages

Walking in central Xi’an looks simple, and it is, but not as much as it seems.

The central tower, well illuminated at night looks the same from all the four angles, and walking around is a large and tricky way, with underground passages and wide steps. 

When we thought that he had done half turn and expected to be walking down to the hotel, we really had turned only 90º and we were displacing from the hotel.

Nothing that a taxi couldn’t resolve, but, remember: your hotel’s name always written in a paper.


Xian warnings – Rickshaws

Being a plane city, Xi’an is a good place for cycling, and bicycles may be seen everywhere. 

One sign of the evolution of China is the disappearing of the traditional rickshaws. 

No one runs anymore, pulling a client: nowadays, the individual transportation remains, but mainly with motorbikes, with bicycles being a fading exception.

​Chinese Food


Most visitors are afraid of Chinese food, for the risk of being presented with insects, lizards, snakes, or… who knows!

In the touristy circuits they are aware of that, and we saw nothing strange around our tables, having to walk in the popular streets to watch those odd feeding tastes.

Each meal is composed by several dishes, mainly with vegetables, and the meat is selected following the western uses. But a small funny surprise is always possible:
One day, in Xi’an, eating a chicken dish in a nice restaurant, I saw a piece with an uncommon shape.