Shopping in Xian

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Shopping ​Shopping in Xian

Who knows ? (maybe Travelchinaguide): All at Once

Right inside Xi’an, the visited factory (I couldn’t read its name) is clearly tourist oriented, but it was a good choice.

In a single pass you may see the work in most Chinese crafts, from silk to wood, and… buy them.

Or to check the qualities and prices to buy elsewhere.

Xi'an by solopes
Shopping in Xian by solopes

One of the worst aspects of many escorted tours is shopping. We are always taken to selected (pricey) places where the guides expect to collect their commissions. 

In many cases the time devoted to commission collecting equals the time to all the other planned visits.

Travelchinaguide was good.

They respected the obligation of taking us to see the artisans at work, here and in Beijing, (and that is also important in tourism), but they didn’t exaggerate. 

The visited places were selected, we covered everything that should be seen, but never felt dragged into shops. This factory in Xi’an was a good example. Several techniques demonstrated, sympathy in all the explanations, but no one was pushed to buy whatsoever.