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Macao Tower


Going up to the tower is important to have a good look over the territory. 

Mainland, the two islands and the proximity of Souzhou are easy to see from the top.

I suggest that you do it in the beginning of your visit, because it may help you to plan the day.


Info Macao

I think that the best way to visit Macau is taking a ferry in Hong Kong

Macau has an international airport, but flying to Hong Kong is easier and cheapper.

​The ferry takes a little more than one hour, departing each half an hour and costing about US $30

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Fisherman’s docks

Fisherman’s docks

It seems that, in the old Portuguese days, there was a fisherman’s wharf in Macao. Nowadays, the ferry terminal occupied a small area of that wharf, and casinos were planted all around. So, today, Fisherman’s wharf in Macao means gamble. 

As a matter of fact, I think that, very soon, everything in Macao will mean gamble, and then it will be easy to speak Macanese.

Walking back to the ferry, very tired, I had an hallucination, and felt myself walking in the strip of Vegas. Fortunately the ferry was only a little after Venetian, and I didn’t realize if we had to pass Bellagio or not.