Hong Kong warnings

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Warnings or dangers Hong Kong warnings

Peak Tram

Steep and quick

If you can support the long line to get a ticket, the experience of climbing to the peak is short and nice. 

The hill is rather steep, and though securely seated, you feel like bouncing backwards as you go up. 

Will it be for that reason that they put everybody facing the hill, neglecting the eventual good sights in the way up and down?

​Tricky Accesses

Hong Kong warnings

Walking in Hong Kong is simultaneously easy and tricky – elevated and protected passages, smart signals, we even forget that down there are cars. 

For a newcomer, before understanding the system, we risk feeling lost in the maze of corridors, stairs, and… malls (my God!).

I really love simplicity, which means… Macau.

​Difficult and easy

Las Vegas

From Kownloon, the access to Star Ferry is easy. 

From Central it is not so easy. 

The web composed by elevated passages and buildings are a bit tricky, and the access from the sidewalks is even more complex. 

So, take my advice, give yourself time, and advance with calm, watching around, and using the extensive information posted in the malls that make part of the web, to get closer to it.