Memories of Beijing


Personal memories Memories of Beijing – Wangfujing Street 

The missed street 
The liveliest street of Beijing is also the most commercial one. This means that, instead of one hour we would need… one week (or several…).

In its beginning there are looooooooots of shops.

Well… maybe not lots of them, but biiiiiiiiiiig shops anyway.

All right, they were not so big, but they were veeeeeeeeeeery interesting.

OK, OK! They may not be so interesting, but they were there, you know!

– Please, Fernanda, let me have at least a glance of the street.

– Wait! I still miss 5 blouses, two pants, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 bracelets… I think I’m missing something, I’d better start over again!

I try not to worry. In Portugal I will see the details in Banu’s photos.

Directions: City Center near Tiananmen Square

​Olympic Stadium

Olympic stadium

When we went there, it was already visible in Beijing the importance of the games for the country. Everything was being carefully prepared, and the huge volume of construction, is mostly directed to them. Roads, bridges, buildings, everything growing with the ease of a country where the state owes… everything. 

There are no complicated dealings with private owners, no complicated formalism to respect. If the government decides to build, the local inhabitants receive order to move away, the old buildings are demolished, and construction begins.

It’s noticeable the systematic replacement of the old quarters by new and bigger skyscrapers. I got the idea that the city is loosing its character (I never had been there, didn’t see the old Beijing). Hidden among the “monsters” under construction, the Olympic Stadium was getting shape, and revealing its destiny: to become one more monument in town, celebrating… modernity.

Later on

Yes! The games were the expected success, and the stadium now remains as a monument to modernity.

t was easy to notice the deep changes that the city was suffering, with the Olympic games boosting the fever of construction. We didn’t stop near the stadium and Olympic village, but, from the road, we could easily see some strange buildings, sharing the challenge made by the stadium.

The “party” is over, and it would be interesting to see what did the games leave in Beijing. Another visit would be nice, but, being so far…

Beaches in Cabo S. Agostinho
Railway Museum

The “Church”
Being in a package has its advantages but also some inconveniences. From Tiananmen square I noticed an interesting building maybe a church, maybe Russian, eventually Byzantine, that I would visit if we weren’t “pushed” towards the Forbidden City.

A pity! 
Once back home I tried to read about it, but till now I couldn’t identify it, but Cal6060 wrote a comment in my VT profile page that clarifies everything:

” Nice Beijing page! Humm.. ” The Church” actually is the China Railway Museum. It was Beijing train station. Anyway , good guessing. “