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Arraiolos – Alentejo at its best


To see Visiting Arraiolos

True Alentejo

Famous by their special tapestry, Arraiolos is a small city where I passed a dozen times without stopping.

This time I took a day to GO THERE, and visit the place.

It was embellished to the event “Tapetes na rua” (tapestry in the streets), but the true image of Alentejo was honestly present everywhere. It was a nice day, that I will describe in this page (Under construction)

​Misericórdia church

Visiting Arraiolos

In the centre of town, this small church is a mandatory visit – its rich interior joins to the gilded altar and the rich tiles from the 18th century that cover the walls, a ceiling that reminds the image of the tapestries that are the city’s ex-libris.

​The pillory

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The pillory

The pillory, common detail in most Portuguese villages in the middle ages, is interesting, with its twisted shape, and conserving the four arms in iron. It is located in the central square.

The castle

The castle

With construction beginning in the 12th century, the castle is one of the rare examples of a circular plan in the world.
It was inhabited until the end of the 16th century, after which, with one or another isolated intervention, it faced a long period of degradation and ruin.
After some restoration work in the mid-20th century, it is now a very pleasant space to visit, with excellent views over the city and beyond.

Nossa Senhora do Castelo church

Castle chapel

Interpretation center

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Interpretation center

CITA is a museum space with permanent and temporary exhibitions, with the aim of promoting the study and dissemination of the internationally famous Arraiolos Carpet.

City hall

Arraiolos city hall
City hall

​The court

The shade of the court

The centre of town

Strolling in the streets

Band stand

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Band stand

Main church

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Main church

“Fonte da pedra” (Stone fountain)


São Francisco church

S. Francisco

“Passos da Paixão” chapel


Clock tower

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Clock tower

Nossa Senhora das Dores church


Monument to the “tapeteira” (carpet worker)


I recommend Pelourinho – Good local food

Christmas in Monsaraz
Christmas in Pelourinho

I read in TripAdvisor that this restaurant had the best “Sopa de Cação” of Arraiolos. I cannot make any comparison (this was my first time eating in Arraiolos), but from now on you may read here that it has one of the best “Sopas de Cação” in the world.

“Dogfish soup” is one of the most traditional and delicious recipes of Alentejo, copied here and there outside the region, but nowhere else they achieve the balance of tastes and smells of the original Alentejo.

The soup was excellent and the grilled meat was also perfect.

Eating in Arraiolos - Pelourinho

The meat came with “migas”, another local tradition that I don’t appreciate much (it’s heavy) but this time it was lighter and softer than usual. ​​Very good too.
​The “house wine” was good, only the desert staying far behind the general meal.

The room is cozy and good looking (always with lines at the door, it was a festive day), and the service, trying to be efficient, couldn’t disguise the traditional pace of Alentejo.

The price was moderated.

But the tapestry…

Memories of Arraiolos - Tapestry
Tapestry 1

A shade is a blessing in Alentejo during summer.

There are always people or animals resting in it.

However, when you may rest with such a spectacular tapestry in front of you, as we have seen in Arraiolos, everybody wants to be… “Alentejano”.

Shopping Shopping in Arraiolos

Buy tapestry
Buy tapestry

Tapestry – Hortense

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Arraiolos - Alentejo at its best

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